Italian Defence Technologies – magazine

Who we are

Italian Defence Technologies (IDT) is a newsmagazine dedicated to all the Italian industries and firms which offer products and services in the defence and security sectors.

IDT is an independent media, which aims to be an authoritative, and credible information tool, able to provide its readers a correct and updated review on the Italian defence sector.

IDT is owned by RN Publishing S.a.s., which has been operating since 2003 in the publishing sector with the Italian defence yearbook “Coccarde Tricolori”, and with books dedicated to military subjects. More information on the website

Riccardo Niccoli

Editor in Chief

Editor-in-Chief of IDT is Riccardo Niccoli, journalist and photographer, Editor-in-Chief of “Coccarde Tricolori”, a degree in Political Science, he has been operating in the aviation and defence information since 1982. He contributed and contributes to some of the most important magazines in Italy and abroad, such as “Rivista Aeronautica”, “AIR International”, “Air Forces Monthly” and “Flug Revue”. His articles and books have been published in twelve languages in fifteen countries. In 2003, he established the RN Publishing S.a.s.

Luca Peruzzi

Journalist and Contributor

A degree in Law, contributor to “Coccarde Tricolori”, he is special correspondant from Italy, and contributor to several national and international magazines of the defence sector, including “Rivista Marittima”, “Jane’s Navy International”, “Jane’s International Defence Review”, “Analisi Difesa”, “European Security & Defense”, and “European Defence Review”.

Paolo Valpolini

Journalist and Photographer

Journalist and photographer in the defence sector since 1983, author of several books, he contributed and contributes to many Italian and international magazines, such as “Coccarde Tricolori”, “Panorama Difesa”, “RID”, “Armada International” and “Jane’s International Defence Review”.